I am Camilla Schimmelpenninck. I'm an Art History MA, with a minor in Philosophy, graduated in 2010 from the University of Amsterdam. I have a RYT200 degree in Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Chakra Studies, completed at Yoga Garden Amsterdam. I have been practising several forms of yoga for over a decade. For the past 5 years Í have been investegating chakra mediation and made it part of my daily practise.

I worked as a project- and event manager in sustainable leadership development and for the municipality of Amsterdam. I also am a freelance copywriter. I love words, love to draw, to paint and make art. I love yoga and chakra meditation.

I am not a saint, nor have I seen the light, I am not perfect or happy all the time. I have been living and learning. I have suffered from depressions, burn-out and severe physical injuries. I have a daughter and a husband and all the daily laughter and shit that comes with it. 

It all made me stronger. I retrieved that fire of excitement that I had as a kid and made it my starting point in life again.

It is my purpose to invite others to become more aware, loving and stronger. To enjoy this personal development. I do this by teaching yoga, meditation and by making art.

Keep learning and enjoy your journey!